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How to Sign Up for a Swim Meet

You must RSVP for each swim meet by the FRIDAY the week before the swim meet (For example, by May 10 for the May 18 meet). If your plans change after the deadline, you must contact Kim Noce and Coach Tracy directly to let them know.

You can check your selection anytime by following the same steps below.

To declare your swimmer(s) intentions:

  1. Login to
  2. Select Calendar from the main page of the website and select the meet you want to RSVP for by clicking the green “Meet Entry Open” box
  3. After you click that box, a new page will open that lists your swimmers and their current status
  4. Click the red “Edit” button below your list of swimmers to “declare” their participation in the meet
  5. Drop down options will open when you choose each swimmers participation. You can note whether they are available for relays, as well as leave any notes for coaches.
  6. Once you have responded for all swimmers, select the red “Save” button and you are done for that meet. Select “Return to Swim Meets” below the red Edit button to return to the calendar.
  7. Repeat this same process for all meets.

Missed the deadline to enter a Swim Meet? Entries are collated and must be sent to the opposing team in advance. Please Kim Noce and Coach Tracy directly to find out if they can add your swimmer.

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